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体育运动商业化并不明智。 ( It isn't wise to commercialize sport . )
尽管进行体育运动有可能诱发脑血管破裂,但是我们建议还是要适量进行体育运动,因为这同样会降低出现其它脑血管疾病的风险。 ( Although physical exercise hasa triggering potential , we do not advise refraining from physical exercise because it isalso animportantfactorin lowering the risk of other cardiovascular diseases . )
看来美国人承认民主并不是受人关注的体育运动,没有一个提出要求的运动,任何根本上的改变都不会发生。 ( Itwilllooklike Americans acceptingthat democracy isnot aspectator sport ,andthat no fundamental change canbe accomplished without a movement demanding it. )
然而,无论喜不喜欢,那些使用耐克产品的消费者并不总是购买该产品参加体育运动。 ( However , like itor not , consumers that wearNike product donot always buy it toparticipatein sport . )
这个月发表在《体育运动医学》杂志上的一项研究发现,超过一分钟的静态伸展可能会不利于场上表现。 ( Then a study published this month in Medicine Sciencein Sports Exercise foundthat static stretches thatlast longerthan a minute could be detrimentalto performance . )
该研究表示,体育运动、社交活动、参观博物馆和艺术表演、做饭、播种、玩电脑游戏对以后的职业影响很小。 ( The study suggests that playingsports , socializing ,going tomuseums or art performances , cooking , sewing ,and playing computer games allhave little impacton career . )
那么你最喜欢什么体育运动? ( I: So , whatkind ofsport doyou like most ? )
在这些课程中,许多都是从流行文化或体育运动中选取主题,这些主题也可能是那些想与学生分享自己激情的教授们的想法。 ( Many of these courses draw their themes from pop culture or sports , orthey may be thebrainchildren of professors who wantto share their passion with students . )
如果姚明退役,他将会在篮球界和商业界都留下辉煌的足迹。是让他体育运动在全世界更加普及,尤其是在中国地区。 ( If Yao retires , he would leavebehind giant footprints in worldof basketball and business . He helped expandthe popularity of sports globally and specially in China . )
这是电视转播历史上为单个活动支付的最高价格——不管是体育运动还是其他任何活动。 ( It was themost money ever paid for asingle event — sports or otherwise inthe history of television . )
体育运动不仅是对体力的挑战,而且是对心理的挑战。 ( Sport is notonly physically challenging , butitcanalso be mentally challenging . )
在丹麦最受欢迎的体育运动是足球。 ( Themost popular sport in Denmark is football . )
足球是摩纳哥最受欢迎的体育运动之一。 ( Soccer (football) is one ofthe popular sports in Monaco . )
你需要做体育运动,或者你喜欢,能让你的身体活动的事。 ( You needto play a sport or dosomething you enjoy doing physically . )
因此,或许与体育运动的纪录一样,投资占GDP比率的纪录每隔十年或二十年就会被打破。 ( So ,like sporting records perhaps , investment as a percentage of GDP isone thatis beaten every decade or two . )
他参加了太多的体育运动和其他活动。 ( He’s involved ?in toomany sports and activities ?. )
加德纳太太对波士顿的社会活动非常感兴趣,她喜欢参加红袜棒球比赛,她也喜欢哈佛学院附近的其他一些体育运动。 ( MissusGardner took agreat interestin the community activities of Boston . She loved toattend Red Sox baseball games as wellas other sports at nearby Harvard College . )
当然,机器人会玩体育运动并不稀奇。但这种发明让我们又一次想起一个被回避的问题:为什么我们不买一个或两个机器人放在家里呢? ( Sure , robots havebeen playing sports forages, but seeing this herecreature revivedbegs the question : why don't we allhave one or two ofthese laying aroundthe house bynow? )
他曾到过70多个国家和地区打篮球,他发现,对某些人来说,体育运动是唯一能够改善他们生活的一种方式。 ( He hadbeen to morethan70 countries and regions toplay basketball and foundthat , for some people , sport was theonly way to improve their lives . )
我们不该给体育运动中的欺骗找任何借口。 ( We shouldnot make excuses forintentional cheating in sport . )
东帝汶虽然是一个新国家,但是它已经是国际体育运动的一部分了。 ( Although TimorLeste is a new country , it is already part ofthe international sport scene. )
在奥赛中,澳洲经常在奖牌排行榜中居高位,尤其是当他们反映出投入体育运动和任何其他活动的人口规模,即使喜好会演变。 ( Inthe Olympic games Australia usually ranks high inthe medal tables , especially if they reflect size of population . Yet tastes evolve , in sport as in any other sphere. )
不过,也有不少的营养师和肥胖病专家表示,减重和保持的基本原则还是相同的:你必须养成健康饮食的习惯,同时增加体育运动。 ( Still , say many nutrition and obesity experts ,the basicunderlying principles of weight loss and maintenance are thesame : you haveto eata healthy diet and increase your exercise . )
不过,也有不少的营养师和肥胖病专家表示,减重和保持的基本原则还是相同的:你必须养成健康饮食的习惯,同时增加体育运动。 ( Still , say many nutrition and obesity experts ,the basicunderlying principles of weight loss and maintenance are thesame : you haveto eata healthy diet and increase your exercise . )
科学 (science)Click to read aloud
她专攻计算机科学。 ( She specializesin computer science . )
他养成了对科学的兴趣。 ( He developed an interest in science . )
我们必须实现科学技术现代化,否则我们要落后于其他国家。 ( We must achieve modernization of scienceand technology , otherwise we will lagbehind other nations . )
电子计算机在科学技术方面广泛的应用将使人们从复杂的计量和计算中摆脱出来。 ( The wide application of electronic computers in scienceand technology will free man fromthe labour of complicated measurement and computation . )
科学的进步有助于全人类。 ( Advances in science help allhumanity . )
她所讲的话仅局限于科学管理问题。 ( She confines her remarks to scientific management . )
他对科学发生了兴趣。 ( He has developedan interestin science . )
她默默地发誓要献身于科学研究。 ( She vowed toherselfthatshe would dedicate herlife to scientific studies . )
科学研究正是从这些事实入手的。 ( Itis with such factsthat a scientific investigation mustbegin. )
科学是论述客观事实的。 ( Science dealswith facts . )
科学里,我们必须同意。 ( In science , we haveto agree . )
科学和道德规范告诉我们必须做什么。 ( Science and ethics tell us what wemust do . )
没有科学的证据,为什么它们已经得到一个假设它们对我们是安全的? ( Why have they received an assumption of being safe for us all without scientific evidence ? )
然而,他们却无法改变科学本身。 ( They have not , however , changed the science itself . )
这样的观测结果把“我是谁?”这个问题从哲学领域迁移到了科学领域。 ( This observation moves the question “ who amI ?” fromthe realm of philosophy intothe realm of science . )
我们所做的一切都是在科学的基础上完成的。 ( All of the work we do is based on science . )
我也喜欢西方的哲学与科学。 ( I like western philosophy and science too . )
如果他们不这样做,科学发现的中心已经是缩小了。 ( If they do not,thenthe focus of scientific discovery is already narrowing . )
那也就意味着我们能够了解太阳科学的另一个领域。 ( That would mean we understand another pieceofthe science of theSun . )
这也是所有艺术和科学的来源。 ( It is the source of all art and science . )
但由于有关结果还没有发表,所以依据科学原则,他不能引用这些结果来支持自己的观点。 ( But theyhave notyetbeen published , so under the rules of scientific debate he cannot use them to support his position . )
本课程透过科学棱镜,重新检查家庭生活的每一个方面,从烹调到橱柜修理。 ( This course reexamines every aspect of home life , from cooking to cabinet repair , through the prism of science . )
如果科学和哲学可以从诗里得到什么,那尽管让它们去得,但这不是诗歌存在的目的。 ( If Science or Philosophy may gain anything from it theyare welcome, but that isnot thereason of its being . )
但这个问题的另一方面其实一直是科学本身。 ( But another part of the problem hasbeen the science itself . )
但这个问题的另一方面其实一直是科学本身。 ( But another part of the problem hasbeen the science itself . )
思想品德课 (Moral Education)Click to read aloud
它自上而下支配着思想品德课教学的实施,影响着教师的教学行为。 ( It depends onthe implementation of the ideological andmoral teaching and affects the teaching behaviors of teachers . )
因此,研究初中思想品德课发展性学生评价具有重要现实意义。 ( Therefore , theresearch juniormiddleschool thought moralcharacterclass developmental student assessment hasthe vital practical significance . )
谁来承担对中学生健全人格培养的重任呢?本文试图通过初中思想品德课教学对中学生健全人格培养的意义和作用地分析和探讨来回答这个问题。 ( Thispaper attempt pass for the ideological morals lesson teaching of juniorhigh the role forthat highscholar improvespersonality training isshallowXi,in the aspect ofitis this makeexplore . )
本文试图通过对初中思想品德课教学对中学生健全人格培养的作用的浅析,在此方面作些探索。 ( Thispaper attempt pass forthe ideological moralslesson teaching of juniorhigh the role for that highschooler improves personality training is shallowXi , in the aspect ofitisthis make explore . )
本文主要对初中思想品德课教学如何进行公民意识教育的问题进行了专门探讨。 ( Thispaper makesaninvestigationon civic awareness education being carried outin thought-character lessons injunior highschool. )
本文作者讨论了如何在高校思想品德课教学中运用现代信息技术并提出了一些切实可行的建议。 ( Theauthors discuss the utility ofmodem information technology and tryto put out some proposals forimproving the teaching of moral courses in higherinstitutions . )
为了发挥思想品德课的实效性,需要教师探索有效的学习方式,来培养学生的创新能力。 ( Inorderto displaythe thought personalcharacterclass the effectiveness , needs the teacher toexplore the effective study way , raises student 's innovation ability . )
为促进学生的全面发展高职院校马克思主义理论课和思想品德课“两课”的教学模式、教学内容、教学方法、教学手段必须进行改革。 ( The teaching mode , contents and method of ' TwoClasses ' invocational college mustbe reformed soas topromote the all-round development of students . )
笔者主要从四个部分阐述了现代教育技术在思想品德课教学中的应用:一、现代教育技术的基本理论; ( Ihave mainly explained the application of modern education skill in the teaching of morallesson from four parts : First , basic theories of modern education skill ; )
初中思想品德课是对初中生进行系统的马克思主义基本常识和公民思想品德教育的阵地,是学校德育工作的主要途径。 ( Sincetwenty-first Century,the primary task of basic education curriculumreform is to implement quality education ,it is alsoa major eventthereform of education indevelopingcountries. )
中学思想品德课是中学德育工作的主要途径,是对中学生系统进行品德教育的主要渠道。 ( The middleschool thought personalcharacterclass is the middleschool moraleducation work main way , is carrieson moral education tothe middle-schoolstudent system the main channel . )
思想品德课教学中,恰当地使用多媒体课件,可以优化教学结构,提高教学质量。 ( In ideology andmoral teaching , itcould optimize teaching structure and promote teaching quality if utilizing multimedia courseware rightly . )
大学思想品德课应该体现“以大学生为本”的人性化教育理念,可通过人性化和角色互动化的实践教学来体现。 ( College ideologyand moralitycourse should embody the student - based humanization education ideology ,which canbe achievedthrough the practice teaching of humanization and role - interaction . )
在新课程改革的背景下,思想品德课的教学目标也应与时俱进,要以学生的全面为根本教学目标。 ( Under the background that new course reform , thought moralqualitieslesson of teaching target also should withhouraccompanyinto , want with student of overalldevelopment is root teaching target . )
本文主要阐述问题教学法在思想品德课教学中的运用以及应注意的一些问题。 ( Thispaper mainly expoundsthe teachingmethod inthe ideological andmoral issues inthe useof teaching and should payattentionto some ofthe issues . )
在社会中,如何教会学生做人,成为思想品德课教学关注的重点。 ( Theis in the modernsociety , how church thestudent is aperson and becomethe thought moralqualitieslesson teaching concern of point . )
逆反心理的产生一方面受学生的生理和心理因素的影响,另一方面也有学校思想品德课教学等多方面的原因。 ( Reverse psychology generatedby secondaryschool students ontheonehand the physiological and psychological factors , other schools have ideological andmoral teaching , and manyother reasons . )
由于多方面的原因,在思想品德课教学中,学生的逆反心理尤为突出。 ( Asa variety of reasons , ideological andmoral teaching , students ofthe Reverse psychology isparticularly prominent . )
马克思主义理论课和思想品德课教学,是实施大学生德育工作的重要途径,是高校党建工作的基础。 ( The teaching of thecoursesof Marxist Theory and Ideological Moral is the important approach to fulfilling collegestudents 'moral tasks andthe basic work of Partybuilding aswell. )
传统的思想品德课教学内容枯燥、教学形式单一、教学手段简单,自然学生没有学习的兴趣。 ( Traditional ideological andmoral teaching is boring , teaching form and means of teaching are single and simple .Of course , students arenot interestedin learning . )
第一,改进和完善思想品德课的内容。 ( First , improve and perfectthe ideologicaland moralcourse content . )
第二部分为信息技术与小学思想品德课整合的现状分析。 ( PartTwo is the analysis of the currentstatus about the integration between IT andmoral curriculum; )
第二部分为信息技术与小学思想品德课整合的现状分析。 ( PartTwo is the analysis of the currentstatus about the integration between IT andmoral curriculum; )
社会 (Social Studies)Click to read aloud
教育是防止社会罪恶的最好和最终的方法。 ( Education wouldbe the best and final preventionagainst social evils . )
这个学生离开了大学进入社会去发现自己的才能所在。 ( The student left the university to go out intothe world and find himself . )
她的社会地位使她对事情有偏见。 ( Her social position jaundiced his view of things . )
这能成为促使社会前进的动力。 ( This can becomea driving force for social advance . )
他轻视所有的社会习俗。 ( He sets atnaught every convention of society . )
人们的社会存在决定人们的意识。 ( Men's social existence determines their consciousness . )
人类社会总是不断进步的。 ( Human society makesunceasing progress . )
流浪汉来自社会最下层。 ( Tramps arefrom thelowest stratum ofsociety . )
我们不愿意看到在我们当今的社会中存在任何不和谐。 ( We wouldrather there notbe any discord in our society today . )
我们生存在是什么样的社会? ( What society do we live in ? )
这是你的责任。唯恐你被更好的一半社会放逐。 ( It is your duty , lest you beostracized by the better half of society . )
这不仅仅是一个财务问题,也是一种社会活动。 ( This shouldbenot only a financial issue , but a social one. )
毕竟,国家和社会都是服务于多数人的。 ( Afterall , thecountry and society serve the majority . )
存在这样一种风险,如果我们把所有带变异体的胚胎都挑出去,那么可能就是正在把社会中最优秀的人扔出去。 ( Thereis a risk . If we select out all the embryos thathavethese mutations then we might be selecting outsome of thebest people in society . )
这就是我们的社会。 ( This is our society . )
然而它(书中的再生人)被送到了外面的世界,制造者却没有考虑如何让它融入社会才是最好。 ( Yet , it was sentit outinto theworld with no concern for how best to include it inthe community . )
但这些是我们的价值观、我们对社会的抱负的顶点吗? ( But are these the summit of our values ,of our aspirations of society ? )
关键的问题在于几者应该如何互动;目的为何;不仅关注经济的成本效益,社会的成本效益也要考量在内。 ( Thekey questions arehowthey should interact ;forwhat purposes ;and what the costs andthe benefits are notonly economically butfor society . )
决定人们行为的不是他们的基因而是他们所处的社会如何教他们行动。 ( Whatdetermines how humanbeings act isnot their genes but how their society teaches them to act . )
决定人们行为的不是他们的基因而是他们所处的社会如何教他们行动。 ( Whatdetermines how humanbeings act isnot their genes but how their society teaches them to act . )
语文 (Chinese)Click to read aloud
我曾从《知音》杂志上看见一个处境与我一样又相反的人,他两次高考数学物理全部满分,而英语语文不及格,最终他没能去大学,打工去了。 ( I was from the journal wants to see a situation like me and instead of person , he twice mathematics physics , and English language all failed , he could not go to work ,goto university . )
我们的语文教育真是伟大! ( Our Chinese education isreally great ! )
她的英语和语文都很好。 ( She isgood at English and Chinese . )
数理化语文英语全很好,音乐体育计算机都零分,连开机都不会,我还是一个优等生。 ( Good English language all science , music , sports computer are zero even boot is not , Iam a topstudent . )
我的同学很多都擅长数理化,但他们在写语文作文的时候真的是要绞尽脑汁。 ( Manyof my classmates excelin math ,chemistryandphysics, but they really haveto struggle to composeanessay in Chinese . )
除了语文和英语,对数学、理综和综合能力的考试,姗姗感到都不理想。 ( Although sheperformedwellin English and Chinese , the Lizhong (biology,physicsandchemistry) and ` Integration Capability ` were stumblingblocks. )
很多时候,翻译员因不熟悉语文之间的文化差异,而作出错误或不妥的翻译。 ( Therearemany examples of mis- translations or bad translations becausethe translators wereignorant ofthe cultural differences between languages . )
高中时,他的语文成绩出类拔萃,甚至有时老师也会来向他请教一些生僻字。 ( His performancesin language courses were excellent in highschool , andsometimes histeacher would cometo him forhelp when encounteringuncommonwords . )
在我6岁的儿子第一个春节前后的寒假期间,他拿到42页的算术和42页的语文功课,要在4周内完成。 ( Forhis first ChineseNewYear semesterbreak , my 6 -year-old son was given 42 pages of math and 42 pages of Chinese homework to complete in four weeks . )
如果同时还要兼顾语文考试,那么她连睡觉的时间都没有了。 ( If she hadto prepare fora Chinese test as well , she wouldhave no time tosleep ,Qinsaid. )
各方必须通力合作,改善语文教学和学习方法。 ( Concertedefforts mustbemadeto further improve the teaching and learning ofthe language . )
你我只是教授语文的同事而已。 ( You andI wereonly colleagues in language teaching ,that's all . )
语文天使将那伙人吊起朝三角形的角上猛撞。 ( Thelanguage angel hangedup the gang and banged them at the angle of the triangle . )
2009年,学校76%的普教学生语文成绩优秀,但是但特教学生的分数因素考虑进去时,优秀率就降到了69%。 ( In2009 ,76percent of the school ’s generaleducation students were proficient inlanguagearts . But when special - education scores were factored in, proficiency dropped to 69percent. )
但是只有16%通过五科基础课的考试,包括科学、语言、人文、语文和数学,剩下的只通过职业学科。 ( Yet only 16% passtheir five exams inthe subjects onceconsideredessential:a science ,a language anda humanity ,inadditiontoEnglish and maths . )
初学阶段的科目之最重要的莫过于语文和数学。 ( Interms of early learning , language and maths constitute themost important disciplines. Maths trimsourlogicthinkingandreasoning. )
他们礼貌的用汉语向中国语文老师问候“你好”,然后走进功夫教室,一个女孩正注视着她的手指。 ( They greet their Chinese teachers witha “nihao,”– hello ,inChinese,and then theguysgatherfora kung fu lesson ,whilethe women watch on the fringes. )
他们礼貌的用汉语向中国语文老师问候“你好”,然后走进功夫教室,一个女孩正注视着她的手指。 ( They greet their Chinese teachers witha “nihao,”– hello ,inChinese,and then theguysgatherfora kung fu lesson ,whilethe women watch on the fringes. )
数学 (math)Click to read aloud
数学考得不错,但化学只是勉强及格。 ( He did well in mathematics , but barelyscraped throughin chemistry . )
数学方面训练不够。 ( He waslacking in mathematical training . )
至于那些不知道这款游戏的人,它是一款完全关于数学技能的游戏。 ( For those of younot inthe know , the game is all about math skills . )
我在一所大学教数学。你是做什么的? ( I teach mathematics at a college .What doyou do ? )
你知道我有多么厌恶数学。 ( You know how I hate math . )
W:我在一年大学教数学,你是做什么工作的? ( W : I teach mathematics at a college . What doyou do ? )
大约只有一半的课程是由具有数学学位的老师教授的。 ( Only half ofthe lessons were taught by someone witha maths degree . )
对于所有不喜欢数学的我们来说,我们都不得不做的事情就是为了知道生活是什么体验而生活下去。 ( For all of us who donot like math all we haveto do is livelife inorderto get a taste of what it is allabout. )
当然,那是从数学角度来说的 ( Well , nothing in terms ofthe math . )
一方面,有一种担心是觉得在学校里,女孩子得不到像男孩子同样的对待,特别是在数学和自然科学方面。 ( [ Ontheonehand ,] there was the concern that girls werenotgetting thesame treatment as boys in school , especially around math and science . )
现在你可以利用数学来解释到底是怎么一回事了。 ( Now you cando the mathematics to findoutthewhat goingon . )
我讨厌数学! ( I hate maths ! )
数学和科学。 ( Math and Science . )
这可能说明我有些非同寻常,但本人很喜欢数学。 ( This may indicate something unusual about me , but I rather like math . )
坐在咖啡馆里的人们在谈论着新的用来计算概率的数学。 ( In the coffeehouse , they talk of the new mathematics forcalculating probability . )
也许你认为你已经学好了数学或者物理。 ( Perhaps you think you have come tomath or physics . )
对于那些不精通高等数学的人来说,这是不可能的。 ( For those of us not versedin higher mathematics , it is impossible . )
先生们,我的父亲从来就嫌弃我,因为我不懂数学。 ( Gentlemen , my father always detested me because I couldnot understand mathematics . )
每个都是作为一个数学模型来声明的。 ( Each of them is declared as inthe mathematical model . )
像我的祖父和我的叔叔们一样,他是名工程师,有着很好的数学天赋。 ( Like my grandfather and my uncles , he was anengineer witha good head formathematics . )
无论《量子宇宙》的读者会不会明白所有的数学,两位作者对其主题的热爱在整本书中闪闪发光。 ( Whetherornot readers of “The Quantum Universe ” will follow all the maths , theauthors ’ love for their subject shines through thebook . )
无论《量子宇宙》的读者会不会明白所有的数学,两位作者对其主题的热爱在整本书中闪闪发光。 ( Whetherornot readers of “The Quantum Universe ” will follow all the maths , theauthors ’ love for their subject shines through thebook . )
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男人:大部分17岁的小伙子还热衷于交换棒球卡、在体育课之后打打闹闹。 ( Men : Most 17 -yearold males arestill trading baseball cards andgivingeachother wedgies after gym class. )
另外两所学校的孩子们——一所在普利茅斯附近的一个小村子里,另一所是城市学校——每周分别只上2.4小时和1.7小时体育课。 ( Kids atthe two other schools — one in a village near Plymouth andthe other an urban school —got just 2.4 hours and 1.7 hours of PE perweek , respectively . )
无论他们在校期间上了多少体育课,当你观察一整天时,就会发现三个学校孩子们的运动量一样,运动强度也几乎一样。 ( Andnomatter howmuch PE they got during schoolhours , when you look atthe wholeday ,the kids from the three schools moved the same amount ,at about the same intensity . )
孩子们最好能参与到真正的运动里边,但他们当中大多数只是在体育课上进行些简单的活动,做做俯卧撑和仰卧起坐。 ( At best , children get involvedin sports , but many merely go through the motions of a physicaleducationclass andbarelylearnhow todo pushups and sit ups. )
体育课上,他们打乒乓球或者游泳。 ( For sport , they play ping-pong or swim . )
“在学校里,我们一天有两次课间休息,不管我们喜不喜欢,一周也有两次体育课,”奥巴马说,“当我们回到家里,也决不被允许整天呆在家里看电视。 ( " In school , we had recess twice a day , gymclass twice aweek , like itor not ," Obama said ." When we got home , therewas nowaywe 'd be allowedto lie aroundthe house watching TV . )
在学校的体育课上,他们不让我踢足球,我指的是老师和其他孩子。 ( In school in gymclass they wouldn’t let me play football . I meanthe teacher and other kids . )
而且,为了通过体育课(你须通过方可毕业),你如果不会游泳就得学会。 ( Also , inorderto pass gymnasium ( andyou hadto pass itto graduate ) you had to learn to swim if you didn'tknow how. )
每天加上爬楼梯,体育课和课间的行走,那么你基本上就达到每天锻炼60分钟了。 ( Add tothattaking thestairs , gymclass , and walking betweenclassesduringthe day, and you 've probably reached your 60 minutes . )
他们将裸身,在共同的体育课中竞赛,想一下。 ( They will compete naked in co- educationalgymnasia , think ofthat. )
体育课老师克拉普教练给我找了件运动服,但没让我在这堂课就换上。 ( The Gym teacher , Coach Clapp , found me a uniform but didn't make me dressdown for today 's class . )
或是“你在今天的体育课上玩的什么呀?” ( What games didyou play in PE ? )
我从未游过泳,却又终究通过了体育课,那时让另一位学生用我的体育课号码(978),代替我又过了游泳池。 ( I never swam but I passed my gym workanyway, byhaving another student give my gymnasium number ( 978 )and swimacross the pool in my place . )
这让好胜心极强的她感到非常沮丧,甚至害怕上体育课。 ( It made her ,an ambitiousgirl , feel very depressed and fear taking PEclass . )
瑜伽对我来说,是用于减肥的体育课,虽然我知道瑜伽并不仅仅如此。 ( Yoga to me isstilla gym classthing for chicksto loseweight , although I know itis somuch more than that. )
体育活动的规定也是各色各样的都有。只有62%的学校把体育课列为必修课。 ( The physical - activity guidelines were also varied ; only 62% of schools made physicaleducation obligatory . )
我想知道体育课上发生了什么事。 ( I wonder what happened inthe P .E.class,'shewroteinonetweet. )
体育课需要比自己大得多的嗓音。 ( Teaching P.E. requires alot louder voice than mine . )
这远远不止是减肥的体育课。 ( It 'sa farcryfrom weight-lose gymclasses . )
海伦和我都要上体育课。 ( Helen and I both havethird -period gym . )
海伦和我都要上体育课。 ( Helen and I both havethird -period gym . )
英语课 (English)Click to read aloud
你什么时候上英语课? ( When do youhave English lessons ? )
根据我自己的经历,我在高中学法语当中学到的语法知识比在英语课上学到的多的多。 ( In my own experience ,learning French at high schooltaught me somuch moreabout grammar than English class everdid. )
当我在本地的一次14岁年龄组英语竞赛中取得好成绩时,我觉得那些冒险游戏比英语课教给我更多的东西。 ( When I didwell in a local English contest for 14 -yearolds , I thought that adventure games hadtaught me more than English classes . )
厌烦情绪是大部分英语课的主要问题。 ( Boredom is a major problem in most English classes . )
高中时候我热爱英语课---尤其是可以躲到精彩小说的情节里。 ( Inhighschool , I loved English class – especially escaping intothe dreamy world ofa good novel . )
灰心、失望、羞于被嘲笑,所以英语课上我从来不单手回答问题。 ( Frustrated and afraid of being laughedat , I never put up my hand toanswer questions inEnglish class . )
我需要额外上英语课。 ( I need extra English lessons . )
此后8年,我用和大家同样的方式学英语--上英语课。 ( For8 years I learned English the way everybody does-- by goingto English classes . )
她什么时候上英语课? ( When does she have English lessons ? )
他什么时候上英语课? ( When does he have English lessons ? )
考虑到很多人会在互联网上寻找目的信息并因此信息而做出选择,比如"我该选学什么样的英语课"等等。 ( Wethink many people go tothe internet forfindingout information and makingainformed choice , like " which English coursesdo I want ? )
不过当我端坐并观摩后,我再次回到了我教英语课的贵州大学,回想起在中国内陆愉悦而挣扎的生活。 ( As I sat and watched, I wastransported backto Guizhou University ,where I taught English ,andthe joyful struggle of living in central China . )
他到达了华盛顿奥林匹亚,以做仆人为交换,换取上英语课的机会。 ( He arrived in Olympia , Washington to work asa houseboyin exchange for English lessons . )
你可知道,我没有为这次英语课的测验好好念书。 ( You know , I didn't study for this English quiz . )
害怕被嘲笑,所以英语课上我从来不举手回答问题。 ( Afraidof being lanughedat , I never putupmyhand toanswer questions in English class . )
不行,我们是在上英语课,必须用英语表达。 ( No ,youcan't.This is an English class ,and youhaveto express yourself in English . )
这所学校专门设置了许多英语课。 ( It hasa special programwith a lot of English classes . )
这种情况在以前的英语课上从来就没发生过! ( This hadnever happened in an English class before . )
是简,在二年级英语课上遇见的一个好朋友。 ( It’s Jane , a good friend hemet in hissophomore English class . )
是简,在二年级英语课上遇见的一个好朋友。 ( It’s Jane , a good friend hemet in hissophomore English class . )
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