How to write
Chinese characters:
Stroke number:3
Pinyin:shì Click to read aloud
meaning:member of the senior ministerial class (old); specialist worker; noncommissioned officer; surname Shi; soldier; bachelor; honorific; scholar (old)

Detailed meaning

[ shì ]
1.In ancient times, it refers to unmarried men.
2.An ancient class between the officials and the common people.
example:士农工商。 Click to read aloud
example:士兵。士气。 Click to read aloud
5.The rank of a soldier in some countries, below the rank of Captain
example:上士。中士。下士。 Click to read aloud
6.Refers to some technical personnel
example:医士。护士。技士。助产士。 Click to read aloud
7.A good name for people
example:烈士。勇士。女士。 Click to read aloud
8.Family name.
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