How to write
Chinese characters:
Stroke number:3
Pinyin:zhàng Click to read aloud
meaning:gentleman, man, husband; unit of length equal 3.3 meters

Detailed meaning

[ zhàng ]
1.A unit of length in which 10 feet equals 1 meter and 10 meters equals 1 index. One city is three and one-third meters.
2.To measure (land)
example:清丈。春耕前要把地丈完。 Click to read aloud
3.The old man's honorific name in ancient times
example:老丈。 Click to read aloud
4.Husband (used for the honorific title of some relatives)
example:姑丈(姑夫)。姐丈(姐夫)。 Click to read aloud
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