How to write
Chinese characters:
Stroke number:1
Pinyin: Click to read aloud
meaning:2nd heavenly stem; second

Detailed meaning

[ yǐ ]
1.Tiangan is second. See "main expenses".
2.(Y ǐ) last name.
3.The first level in the scale of Chinese national music, which is used as a notation on the score, is equivalent to "7" of the simplified score. See "work rule".
4.The mark of "B" shape is often used in reading and writing. For example, when reading to a place and temporarily stop, draw a mark of "Fei" shape on it, or if the writing is reversed or omitted, use zigzag lines to tick over or put in the supplemented words, it is called "B". There is no punctuation in ancient books. When there is no space at the end of a paragraph, sometimes a "Fei" shaped mark is drawn to indicate that the beginning of the second line is another paragraph.
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