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Chinese characters:
Stroke number:1
Pinyin: Click to read aloud
meaning:a, an; alone; one

Detailed meaning

[ yī ]
1.The smallest positive integer. See figure.
2.Represent the same
example:咱们是一家人。你们一路走。这不是一码事。 Click to read aloud
3.Expressing another
example:番茄一名西红柿。 Click to read aloud
4.The whole; the whole
example:一冬。一生。一路平安。一屋子人。一身的汗。 Click to read aloud
5.Express specificity
example:一心一意。 Click to read aloud
6.It means the action is once, or the action is short, or the action is tried. a) Used in the middle of overlapping verbs (mostly monosyllabic)
example:歇一歇。笑一笑。让我闻一闻。b)用在动词之后,动量词之前:笑一声。看一眼。让我们商量一下。 Click to read aloud
7.Used before a verb or momentum word to indicate that an action is performed first (the result of the action is described below)
example:一跳跳了过去。一脚把它踢开。他在旁边一站,再也不说什么。 Click to read aloud
8.Cooperate with "jiu" to show that two actions happen next to each other
example:一请就来。一说就明白了。 Click to read aloud
9.Once; once
example:一失足成千古恨。 Click to read aloud
10.Use the word "one" alone or read Yin Ping at the end of a sentence, such as "11, 11 get one", read Yang Ping before the Qusheng word, such as "half, altogether", and read Qusheng before Yin Ping, Yang Ping, shangsheng word, such as "one day, one year, one point". For the sake of simplicity, the word "Yi" in this dictionary is all marked Yin Ping.
11.The first level in the scale of Chinese national music, which is used as a notation in the music score, is equivalent to "" in the simplified score. See "work rule".
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