How to write
Chinese characters:
Stroke number:2
Pinyin:ér Click to read aloud
meaning:KangXi radical 10; son, child

Detailed meaning

[ ér ]
example:儿马。儿狗。 Click to read aloud
2.Suffix (r for phonetic notation).
3.Noun suffixes have the following functions. a) Small
example:盆儿、棍儿、窟窿儿、小车儿。b)表示词性变化:吃儿、盖儿、卷(juǎn)儿(动词名词化);亮儿、尖儿、零碎儿 (形容词名词化)。c)表示具体事物抽象化:门儿、根儿、油水儿。d)区别不同事物:白面—白面儿(海洛因),老家—老家儿(父母和家中其他长辈)。 Click to read aloud
4.The suffix of a few verbs
example:玩儿。火儿。参看〖儿化〗。“兒” Click to read aloud
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